Friday, June 20, 2014

Speed breakers

When you have issue with someone, the leader or management should inform the respective person and try to find solution. There has to be discussion or brainstorming, why such issues happening, then find ways to resolve it.

But sometimes, the leaders tend to misuse their power due to their immatureness, lack of leadership exposure, and egoism makes them to look foolish. Just because there are nobody to question them, doesn't mean they can do anything they like.

Simply suspending or blaming or even giving false allegation on someone, just for the sake of fulfill self egoism, then withdrawing it, just shows the person just don't deserve to be in leadership role or not even qualify to be leader.

Don't they feel shame and at least they could inform the so called person or victim that matters are resolved and ensure it would not occur again. or maybe, their egoism which makes them as "bodoh sombong" just preventing them to move forward in their life.

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