Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thomas & Uber cup Quaterfinals line up

Malaysia was hoping for either Thailand or France but they got the 3rd choice Denmark. Thus, it will be a tricky one now. While Malaysia can score 2 points from their 1st and 2nd singles, and Denmark should get their 1st points through 1st doubles, the 2nd doubles will be Malaysia hope again.

Yesterday they saved Malaysia and brought the country to quarters, today they will have the same responsibility. Not much hopes on 3rd singles, as he was still struggling with South Korea yesterday.

The ladies made incledible perfornace by capturing 1 win and merely llosing in 1 point to Denmark. If either 1 of the match won by Malaysia could have seen them playing against Japan today.

It's fine, should they increase the tempo, moving forward, they could step into quarters too.

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