Friday, May 9, 2014

Standing Ovation

I have been a Toastmaster for close to 9 years. Last Monday I attended Puchong English TMC and it was my 1st time attending their meeting. I was playing the role as General Evaluator. I was invited many times but I turned down due to my busy schedule as Division Governor, speech contest participant etc. But this time I made it.

As usual, when I took over my role as GE, I went on with humorous style evaluation and continued to be critical, encouraging and motivational towards end.

As I finished the speech/evaluation, the members gave me standing ovation and gave thunderous round of applause. They were amazed with my feedback. I felt really humbled when I saw the standing ovation.

Only then I realise, how toastmasters have changed me and made me as better human being. 

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