Sunday, May 25, 2014

Organ Donation Run - 24 May'14

It was my first night run for the year. It's even memorable, the run is happening in my campus where I graduated. I reached there early, and did warm up with Murali and Sheela.

The race started late by 10 minutes. As the race started, I tried to get myself out of the slow running group and went to the leading pack. After 500M, there was a natures call, and i decided to stop for 10-15 seconds. By that time, 20 of them would have overtaken me. After I continued, I started to overtake 1 by 1.

As the race was assisted by FTAA, there were no issues on marshals. I knew the route will be tough as there are 2 hills (back to back) and another at finishing. The 1st hill really slowed me down and allowed some runners to overtake me. But I manage to overtake them at the downhill and closed the gap.

When reaching the 2nd loop, there were few runners again overtook me, and I just followed them behind. It was good that there were 2 water stations. When comes to 2nd lap, i increased my pace and as usual, when comes to hill, there were few over takings.

It was helped by the junior boys and girls whom just need to do 1 lap and they ran with us at the 2nd lap. Although I couldn't follow their pace, but i continued to push myself at the uphill. When the downhill started, there no more turning back, I increased my pace. Assisted with music played at 10th college, gave me additional boost.

When I came to 3rd college, I overtook 1 runner, and continued to increase my pace and overtook another at the sceince faculty. I was thinking we would go straight to DTC, but we went through the same was as we ran the 1st loop. At library, another 2 runner were overtaken and come engineering faculty, another runner was slashed too.

After the 2nd college junction, it's a sprint for me as i don't want to be overtaken by anyone and pushed through the last hill and went crossed the finishing line at DTC.

I felt like vomiting, perhaps, I pushed 110%. I was given number 10, then medal, gift box, food pack and water.  Then I meet ms.selvi from FTAA, and she told me top 10 will get prize and hamper. Then, I relook at the gift box and realise, it was written 10 and there was 2 medals in the bag.

I went to ask the organising team, and they said, only top 3 will go to the stage and the rest will be given at finishing line. Perhaps, all of us could have been honored on the stage. There were also no water station/booth at the finishing lane.

My timing was 57:55. I wont say it's my best but I have given my best for my current form. The medal gave me motivation to train harder. Furthermore, I'm getting top 10 after 3 years and more sweeter, it was at my home were I graduated.

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