Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bomba Run - 11 May 2014

It was my 6th Bomba Run. As usual, the route is already a common route for me which is the routine 11km route. This was a experiment run for me, because, the day before, I ran another 10km on treadmill for the mileage. Thus, I wanted to know if I can recover within 12 hours for next run.

When I started, of course the slight tiredness was there, but running on a normal route made me to just move on.I started from the front 4 rows, thus, there were no pushing or rushing. I allowed others to overtake me as I knew which section to speed up.

I went slow for the 1st 5km, as it's a hilly route at bukit tunku. Ater the 1st water station, my pace picked up, as it will be a straight road till jalan parlimen. Good thing was, they had another water station before jalan parlimen.

Upon reaching jalan parlimen flyover, I increased my pace and manage to overtake alot of runners. Just as I reached bank negara, a runner overtook me. I tried to push myself but could not close the gap to 20 metres.

There were no issues with traffic control and volunteers. The only setback was, it started late by 5 minutes. For a RM20 race, it was a weldone event. hope to have more runs like this.

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