Friday, May 9, 2014

District 51 International Speech and Table Topics Contest

I was eagerly waiting and training for this contest. Though there was a group whom wanted to block me from contesting, but as member for 9 years, I too have earned good freindship from various club members whom made my mission to work.

It's my second time contesting in International speech contest(ISC) at district level. As I had bad outing in the previous contest, I didn't want to repeat it and ensure I'm well prepared for it.

It was a new location as I have never spoken at Kuala Terengganu before. In addition, I was also given the honor to take part in the Table Topics Contest(TTC). Taking part in 1 contest is already a pressure, and this is 2 now at District level.

Anyway, as the briefing and balloting went on, I was 8th contestant for ISC and 2nd contestant for TTC. It's a relieve as I will have some emergency time for final minute preparation. And for table topics, i could witness other contestants speeches.

For ISC, it's a super strong line up where we had 2 past world championship runners up, Pala & Logi, past District champion, Shanker, Tuk Hoon and Robert. People also deem me as favorite too. I was really happy to hear that at the same time feel a bit pressured.

As the contest begin, I went up the stage in confidence with smile. Presented the speech. This time the mike was superb and the sound was clear. As I finished my speech, received thunderous round of applause.

During the break, received many accolades that my speech inspired and motivated many people. From there I was confident that my delivery was polished and clear to the audience of various ages and background.

As the table topics stared, the topic was "A promise made is a debt unpaid". It was a challenging one for me. Nevertheless, I manage to get through it.

As the results announcement goes, I was unplaced for Table Topics and there were no time disqualification. Nevertheless, I was not expecting anything for TTC.

Next is the important contest announcement which was ISC. There was a time disqualification but I knew it was not me because I finished my speech before the red light was switched on.

As I was expecting at least number 2 or 3, I was a gain unplaced. It was definitely a disappointment for me, which I'm still recovering now.

However, from positive side, it was my 1st time taking part in 2 District contest at 1 go. In addition for the term, I took part in 3 contest at District level which is also 1st time. Then, it was 1st time for me to finish podium during the district evaluation contest.

For Division, I made to all 4 division level contest and all them were podium. In addition it was also 1st time for me to win 2 1st place during the same term at division level. Of course, All 4 area contest were champion.

Overall, it was a good term for me and looking forward for betterment next term.

As speaker, it's not important if you are not winner of podium, but whether if you have won the heart of the audience.

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