Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweet Poison

You face different kind of people everyday with different background. It's just like the smell, which you can't see but could feel. Similar goes to facial expression and the emotions itself, only difference is, you could see the facial expression and feel how they feel.

Nevertheless, there are always people whom scold us or pin point the mistakes that we do. We definitely get angry why are they being so negative towards us, but end of the day when I think about it, I felt that they were actually harmless and just pointed out my points for improvement. It's definitely a life long learning lesson.

There are also people, whom always smile at you and brag about you. But behind the scene they could be your virus whom spread the news on bad matters about you and try to dig hole so that you will fall in their trap.

I just feel that this people with fake smiles or acting like good could only last for a short term as i said it's fake. They could speak about respect but first of all are they being truth to the rest and are they being fair. Respect could be earned but truth always prevails one day.

There's saying goes " whoever drops shit are not your enemy and whoever gets you out of the shit are not necessary your friends".

So, these people can be like silent killer or aka sweet poison.

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