Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fake Mask

In a country where you have various races and culture, it's fine to practise or learn it as culture doesn't has any particular face.

This learning could be in dance, cooking or even tailoring.

If you witness Ramli Ibrahim, he could perform the Indian classical dance as if he is a born Indian. Perfect eye contacts, with body movement with exemplifies the particular character.

But recently, I went to dinner event at hotel and restaurants. There were cultural performance which was performed by "P race" people. The dance which they performed was on their race. That looked good because they new at the dance. Then, they performed dance performance of another race.

When I heard abt it, I felt glad, that we really prove that we are true Malaysians. Only till I witness the performance, I realised the dancers were just a disgrace. Just because you are wearing the traditional dress of another race, doesn't mean that you could be a great dancer of that dance.

For a dance performance, the dancer should actually convey a message through the dance. Just by nodding the head, eye and flipping fingers, doesn't make you a good dancer.

Why can't they go for a proper dance practise by the proper dance coach or choreographer. I may not be a good dancer, but I'm a dance lover, I watch dances.

Buying and wearing traditional costume and shaking your hands and legs will not make you a good traditional dancer.

You are already wearing a mask as a performer. Why make it a fake one?

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