Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Negative Goodwill

In accounting term, Goodwill means strong brand name and image which enhances a person or company's value. It often increases when the company performs well (exceeding expectations) in terms of financial profits, growth in operations and human resources.

It's the same applies to life. People can forgive you for worng doings, but they would not forget the matters. When there's absence of self-realisation and increase in ego, this would only accumulates negative goodwill.

Being young leader, doesnt mean people can accept all your mistakes and forgive moments. It need the leader's maturity to move forward to greater heights with proper pace.

By just saying, "I will move forward" without rectifiying current setbacks, will only make increases negative goodwill which, at one particular moment will push you down till you cant wake up.

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