Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DPM's public speaking became public.....

This guy really needs to brush up his public speaking skills in English. Speaking in front of delegates of United Nations, where the world leaders is watching,

From simple view, the fear is not on public speaking, but on English language. he rarely speaks english in fornt of public, worse case at international meeting. The matters he spoke was about Malaysia's plan in supporting 2030 agenda of UN. Since it was merely report presentation and plan on how Malaysia planned it's development towards achieving RM11 and 2030, he could have asked his secretary to prepare the script and read it.

We do see eastern European politicians or east Asians speaks English with slang, but they always portray their confidence and eliminate single fear in front of the public.

On other side, looks like the editor/reporter of STAR is looking for some perks from DPM. Already been a MCA controlled paper, I can't deny he support UMNO person. Argued that Zahid is not from the frontier schools nor overseas educated. For me, he is already a phd holder, a prominent politician. We cant expect a "kampung attitude" at international arena.

Now I know, why the government cancelled English language based exams.

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