Thursday, July 7, 2016

District 51 International Speech Contest 2016

"Let you stick speaks." quote from Tiger woods. It's my 4th attempt at district International Speech contest. After past disappointments, I went with open mind. Though my one of my aim was to atleast go for top 3, then I realised, end of the day, your speech should speak for itself after many years.

It's my first time competing in Seremban, Being it on my 10th term in Toastmasters, I wanted to make it a great moment. It's also the final conference where the district will will split from next term onward.

As usual, for this conference I faced several challenges too.

1st: I had to fight  for the color card. Only after few discussions with contest chair, I was allowed for the cards. I have been using color cards since few terms ago.

2nd: Dinner on 2nd way was crap. By the time I received my 3rd dish, it was already 10pm. I told myself,let's get out from this place before I'm mentally disturbed. The PIC told me that they didn't had enough vegetarian food. For a experienced team, this is really disappointing for me.

3rd: No SAA to help me to carry the chair, thus I had to carry on my own on the stage. Luckily the timer didn't start the timing. Perhaps, this could have been informed to me earlier during the briefing so that I would have prepared someone.

I was contestant number 6 (sort of in the middle). Going against 2 past district champion and another world championship podium finisher is definitely going to be great fight. Nevertheless, it's a pleasure to face them. At least you can be proud of the contest level.

For me I always wanted to go and share my experience and feelings. Pala went ahead of me. There were humour and I knew he could be in top 3. The final contestant was sim bock san. He too had the crowd attention and humor was there. Thus, for me I knew it's going to be these 2 contestants to challenge.

As I presented, the attention was there. Humor caught laughter and attention. Of course, with my story, it had applause even in the middle of the speech. Upon ending, of course I had the confidence that I gave a good speech.
When I finish my speech, the red light was on, thus, i knew I'm not disqualified.

During the break, the audience discussion is crucial. the people I meet, said it was good speech and I'm in top 3 for sure.

As eagerly I was waiting, the contest chair took over the stage to announce the results. First of all, there's no time disqualification. Then, my name was announced as 3rd place winner.

2nd place went to Pala and Sim Bock San recaptured his title.

I would really need to thank Victor Ong for giving me the opportunity to represent the club. As the club didn't had representative, I went straight to area contest and rest were history.

The members of liquid gold were fantastic. They gave me encouragement and words of support until the eve of the contest. Best was Benny Chia, whom promised at Division contest that the division team will assist in my preparation for the contest. He even walked to the stage when I won the trophy and took picture, shook hand. Feel glad to have him as my division governor. To add the icing, I received the trophy from Andrew Tan's hand whom was the Club growth director and also my club member.

As certain people didn't want me to contest or win, I looked at positive side and sacked them from my life and included my supporters.

I was even celebrated during the LG meeting where Victor presented the trophy to me. Now I know Im in champions league, no more 3rd tier taman tun leagues.

Here's my history of participation in the International Speech Contest.

2006 : Did not participate
2007 : 2nd Place - Club level
2008 : 3rd Place  - Club level
2009 :  Did not participate
2010 : 3rd Place - Area level
2011 : Unplaced - District level
2012 : Did not participate
2013 : Did not participate
2014 : Unplaced - District level
2015 : Unplaced - District level
2016 : 3rd Place - District level

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