Thursday, July 7, 2016

LGE jailed, Najib playing his cards

Lim Guan Eng has been jailed for buying his house at discounted price or below market price. Of course it sounds stupid, but in actual facts, sources stated that LGE were to approve certain documents fr the real estate agent. In return the agent sold the house at discounted price.

Of course, it looks like Najib his playing his cards by weakning the opposition, so that he could win easily in the next election. This proves that BN is really weak and has no guts to face to face.

1. MACC chair has been changed
2. AG has been changed
3. 1MDB team has been changed
4. PDRM IGP has been changed
5. PAC team has been changed

He is changing people so that he can close all his problems. But there's Indian saying, "You cannot hide pumpkin in to the rice".

there's several gunshot and blast in klang valley. It's either he is working with terrorist or trying to divert people's attention.

1 thing for sure, the country is going towards doom.

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