Monday, July 6, 2015


The sea games has concluded. Of course we did better than 2013(Myanmar) and 2011 (Palembang), but certain games such as bowling, squash, was not included. Athletics was one of the poor performer with only 3 golds and all 3 came from field events. Football should have the more curse, when they even fail to qualify for semifinals and manage to beat Timor leste only by 2-1 margin.

As expected, squash, diving and hockey, we were the powerhouse to sweep all the gold medals. For archery, we were almost swept the gold medals.

Sepak Takraw won the gold medal with absence of Thailand.

Knowing Thailand is the powerhouse in South Ease Asia, we still lagged behind Singapore and Vietnam.

Next Malaysia will be hosting it, and I'm sure we are looking for overall champion. In fact that is the minimum expectation, as we won it in 1989 and 2001.

But we need to look beyond it by achieving overall title outside the country. 

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