Monday, July 6, 2015

Malaysia's Olympic dream is as good as over

Malaysia's Olympic dream is as good as over, when they lost to Ireland 4-1 in the World league semifinals. Australia won the title and Belgium was placed 2nd. Britain beat India whom already qualified for Olympics.

For Rio Olympics, 11 places are up for grab. 6 places comes from top 3 finisher from 2 league semifinals and 5 comes from continental champions. India won the Asian Games. Australia is expected to win Ocenia, while South Africa would be the clear winner for African continent. Argentina looks like potential winner for

Pan America, though Canada could give good challenge.
European championship looks still open, with either holland, germany or britain to win.

The other world league semifinals top 3 finishers were Argentina, Holland and Germany.

The reserve list contains, Canada, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand and Malaysia.

With Spain and Canada is almost certain to qualify with virtue the expected continental champions are Australia and Argentina. Ireland will qualify, should European champions are Britain, Germany, Holland or Belgium, which is basically certain, that either 4 will win it.

So Malaysia's door is certainly shut, unless any of the qualified teams pulls out from the tournament. Even then, we need to fight with New Zealand.

Looks like, Kumar's appearance would have really made a great impact. Feel sorry for the team. But similar to football, we need to revamp the team, else, even 2020 we cant qualify.

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