Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mockery on KL Marathon date

It was announced in May that October 4 will be the competition date, during the opening ceremony of the KL International Marathon. Suddenly, the Minister of Sports changed the date to October 10, so that it could coincide with National Sports Day.

There's no issue in organizing National sports day, as it could spur more youngster to take up sports. BUT, why do you need to change the date of KL marathon? I'm sure national sports day has been decided at early of the year itself. The sports minister could have then, planned it together.

Making a sudden change made him to be unpopular and added spice to the current government's leadership. What happens if the date was changed to 10 October :

1. all overseas runners would need to change their travel arrangements i.e sir ticket / train ticket/ hotel
2. There are 8 other runs on 10 October, which means, runners need to forgo either 1.

Of course, organisers would refund the registration fee and will try to refund or subsidies the damages for travel arrangements. But doesn't this shows how unprepared they were. How could a minister simply change the date just 3 months before the race ?

Serdang MP, whom is also regular runner, manage to get few affected runners and made protest and the report came in one of the local daily.

Within few days, KJ manage to revert to initial date.

Since there are 8 races on October 10, why can't he have the National Sports days celebration with other runs, rather than changing KLIM.

He just made himself like a fool.

Let's not mix politics and sports.

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