Monday, July 6, 2015

Garbage leader

You don't even know where's the HR department in your office and you can tell me that as excuse. To make it worse, you allowed your teammates to repeat mistakes,and you didn't do anything to them.

You don't even know any shit about the organisation, but you want the leader position and became power crazy. Using company's money to buy beer for your friend, You think it's your father's organisation.

You say you got hole in heart, for me you don't even have heart. The day, you bullshitted to me by saying that you are going dinner date with your favorite member, you didn't know the importance of fatherhood.

You didn't even bother to adhere to the policy and became a puppet of a person whom only look at animals.

I rarely curse people, but you even at age of 27 / 28, you are equivalent to garbage because you are useless idiot and good for nothing. I just want to ensure, I don't see you in my future encounters.

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