Sunday, April 6, 2014

KCK Run - 6 April 2014

I'm running here after 3 years of absence. As I'm regaining my fitness, it was good to test my fitness level for 7km.

As I reached there, I parked near to starting point, so it was easy for me to go back from the place. The race started on time. Initially I was wearing specks which means normally I slow down my run. But in this case, it was an experiment to run fast with specks, although a lot of runner do run with their specks on.

I was following the front pack (which means I'm basically in top 30). Starting from 3rd row, gave me advantage of starting fast. I was running around 200M distance with the race leader. After 1.5km, I slowed down and followed the the front pack.

We were pacing each other to maintain the pace. There was water station at 2km, which I grabbed 2 cups but only drank a bit.

The route was flat, except for 1 flyover, which made me to slow but manage to catch up after the downhill. After the downhill, I was reaching the Setia City mall, so I thought the race is going to end. But if the race is ending, it will be under distance. Then I realised, they turned us to go further from the end point and made a u-turn.

Taking u-turn is always not my cup of cake, as you could see who is ahead of you and how far you are behind them. Anyway, I saw Jeyakumar leading the race, followed by Casey and Jothpal. So that could be 1km away from them and finishing lane.

I didnt allow anyone to overtake me at that stretch, but I manage to close the gap with runner in front of me. Aster the U-Turn, it's only 500M away from finishing line, so i pushed myself and overtake 3 runners in front of me.

As I reached the finishing line, my timing was 30:39.

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