Thursday, April 24, 2014

Division B International Speech contest - 19 April

I have won this contest in 2011, but this year, I want to make it a point to win it for various reasons. Even before the area contest some members already came and gave me challenges, thus, it's time to prove my ability. Few days before the Division contest, I was told there are other tough contestants whom are able to win the title but they never bother to tell that I too have a chance.

With all this negative influencers, I wanted to win the title, or atleast go and share my story and inspire the audience.

My challengers were not to be estimated. They were also had their own strengths as they too were coached by senior and seasoned members. I was the contestant number 6. The disadvantage is, it builds up pressure as you are the final contestant and you have witnessed 5 other speakers before you.  As it happened to me during the last humorous speech, this round I ensured I'm not distracted by all these this round.

After this negative distractions, just a week before the contest, I got fever, followed by sore throat, running nose and dhirea. I was just wondering, why all this is happening to me now. Only 3 things I had was, believe in myself and believe in god and blessing from my loved ones.

When I started of my speech, I had laughter and it pumped up my speech which I had the gusto till the end. Even when I asked question, some people whom I know don't even bother to put up their hands. Probably they just came to sabotage me and don't even laugh at jokes.

I ended my speech when the red light was switched on, so I was confident of at least 3rd placing was on my hand.

When the drum roles beginned, the 3rd place went to Michelle Fernandez, then 2nd Johan Ooi. Now it's down to the title. I was thinking if Simon Soh would get it. When the name was announced, it was S.MEYYAPPA MANICKAM. (the contest chair was strugling anyway, but people knew it was me.)

What a great feelings. Received the winner trophy and challenge trophy from Albert (Division Governor) and Sue Ding (past Division governor).

Now I'm geared up for the District Contest where I will be up against 9 other contestants from all over Peninsular Malaysia.

Whatever it is, it's my personal achievement for the term where I got podium for all the 4 contest at Division level.  

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