Sunday, April 6, 2014

Imbalanced Trial

When a accusation took place, it should be thoroughly investigated and heard from both side before coming to a decision. When a decision was abruptly made, just because a group of them doesn't like you personally (not professionally), this promotes to more chaotic situation.

Of course if the so called accused, just give the ruling group a chance and feels pity on their immature behavior. In addition, they didn't prove anything rather than merely their power crazy and listening to another immature leader or not even leader, a sore looser.

When it comes to corporate organisation, the management team should be respected. Any major decision should be consulted with them, rather than taking your own decision. You yourself has 108 task to do right from family, resident association, studies, work, business etc. Then why take up another position and screw it up.

If you say harassment by looking, then why wear sleeveless and tight dress including short skirt. Just wear "tudung labuh" like the middle east ladies.

Should you know only how to hold some electronic gadgets, then just focus on that, no need to take up leadership and give lame excuses.

I can always talk back and even in vulgar words, but whats the different between you and me then. If you people wants more innocent people and respected people to be accused, just join our barisan nasional and just screw up the country and you will be called big screw driver.

What a shame you all are there just for the sake of free dinner. 

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