Thursday, April 24, 2014

Division C Table Topics Contest - 12 April

It's my first time taking part in Division C contest. The previous round was taking part in area C1 in 2005 for humorous speech and thereafter the division broke to Division B.

Thus, I thought of testing the water in a different territory. There were 5 of us contesting. It's also 2nd time for me to take part in Division Table Topics contest.

As the drawing went , I was the Contestant 1. The good thing is you get to listen to all other contestants. Arthur Lai whom was the contest chair came with topic of " Money Talks".

When I was expecting for some motivational or life quotes, there comes something unexpected. Nevertheless, I sailed through the topic, but I knew it wasn't my best.

The next contestant was Aruna and she used Maslow Hierarchy and manage to conclude it strongly.

When the results was announced, there were no time disqualification. That made me to be satisfied, atleast I'm not out of time. Then, the 3rd place was announced and it was Bruce Chan of MIMPJ whom is quite seasoned in TM. Then 2nd place, and it was my name....As, expected 1st place went to Aruna of Sunway TMC.

Anyway, I was happy to finish podium at the division contest. It's also a history for me that I won the Area contest for the 1st time too for table topics. That completed my grand slam for area contest titles.

Thank you for Kelana Bilingual TMC for giving me the chance to represent the club.   

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