Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Run Forest Run - 2 March'14

Im running here after 3 years. It's always nice to run here in UPM as the route is surrounded by plantation and forestry.

As we are all in humidity in KL, it was nice to have cool air in UPM.

As usual, the race started late by 15minutes and there were 10 Kenyans running in my category. I just wonder why are they so much interested in a small event which merely offers RM30 for champion. I was at the front 3 rows. As the race started, I cruised to the front group and ensure I had started with fast pace to avoid the slow running group.

The road was mixture of hilly and it was normal road, until the twist came where we were asked to go into a park which had steep slopes.

That actually broke the groups and made the distance between runners longer. It was good that every junction, there were officials and there were 2 water stations.

As it was stated 10km race, I was running in 5 minute pace. As we reach towards the end of the park, I could see the football field where we started. I was happy that I'm about to finish the race. As I reached the finishing line, there were nobody to cheer or congratulate us. Damn, we just had to walk to the booth to collect the medal and goodie bag, then just go back.

There were no light breakfast or isotonic drink distributed. To make it worse, it was only 7.5km distance.

What the heck??? Cant this people measure the distance? if its difference of 500M, i can take it but this is 2.5km. Damn ridiculous.

Next time must see who is the technical team.

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