Saturday, March 8, 2014

Area B3 International Speech Contest

Thank you first of all for Kuantan TMC for accepting me as member and I promise them to bring glory to the club. As promised it happened today, as I won the International Speech contest by outdoing 5 other contestants.

I had my own pressure because some audience expected a good delivery from me and, there were also rookies from Shah Alam and SPAD club taking part in the contest.

In addition, there was already a stumbling block for me 2 weeks ago which could have jeopardize my ability to contest and also a mental torture. nevertheless, sun will only rise after dark, it's just the patience, passion and perseverance which made me to be stronger.

When the contest briefing, ballot numbers were more than contestants. Thus, we had to re-draw. Then, my title was called wrongly by the contest chair. To avoid any miss-communication, I even typed out my title and name but still it happened.

Anyway, things always happen in triads and it happened. I was contestant number 2 and being one of the early contestant, you need to set the bar, so that other contestants will try to raise it.

After presenting, I had the confidence that I made a good performance and left the rest to the judges. In addition, finishing it before the red light reduced the anxiety.

When results announced, 3rd place.., 2nd names were not there. So when come to 1st place..a lot of people started to look at me.and the contest cair announced the winner by saying out the speech title and it was ME......

The win was even sweeter to get it on the land where I graduated and it was my 1st time contesting at that location.

Regardless of winning or loosing, my aim was to give a "bring home" to the audience. I'm glad that few of the members were inspired by my speech and came and congratulated me personally. That's the really trophy for me.

I didn't take part in Table Topics as it's time to let the younger members to feel the area contest.

My next stop will be Division B contest on April 19, where I will be against 5 other area champions whom will be gunning for the ticket to Kuala Terengganu Conference.

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