Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Diamond Throwers

When you appoint monkeys, you will only see zoo. It takes maturedness, knowledge, experience and humbleness to create leaders and sucessors.

Should a leader forget all this and only feels that he/she has power and egoism and appliying stupidity, people/staff will just leave the organisation. Worse case this idiotic leaders can even throw them out.

But to this leaders, dont feel that you are so superior. The person up there is watching all your action.

In 2008, Gerard Pique was sold to Barcelona as he was not even in the regular first 15, but Barcelona coach, pep gurdiola saw the potential in him and made him to 1st 11 and very same season, they won champions league by beating the red devils.

It's your task to discuss issue with the person, rather than simply throwing the person out of the team/organization. Well, don't be too happy, people may just call you stupid leader or nut leader because you are a diamond thrower.

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