Thursday, March 6, 2014

Malaysia fail to qualify Asian Cup

It was their final match last night and Malaysia did reasonably well to beat Yemen 2-1 in a neutral ground at Dubai.

Malaysia had to play with 10 men after Amiridzwan was sent of in the 10th minute but the keeper "Apek" became the saviour.

The goalscorers were, old horse, Amri Yahya and Fakri Sharani.

Nevertheless, the score wasn't good enough to qualify for the Asian Cup finals. Only the best 3rd placed team qualifies for the finals.

Lebanon got the spot as they finished with 8 points, just more goals compared to China and Malaysia Finished with 7 points.

As consolation, we can be happy, we are the best finishers among the South East Asian countries.

But, how long are we going to wait for even to qualify for Asian cup. It's a serious matter to consider change of management, coaching style, players selection and and most important, the champion mentality.

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