Friday, July 25, 2014

Let the Games Begin

The 20th Commonwealth Games has begun and opened it's curtain. A total of 53 countries are taking part in 19 sports. Malaysia is participating in 15 of them.

As expexted, it was done in Scottish way, with something speacial in the parade, which was lead by dog with name of the countries rather than a signboard.

In addition, the games committe worked with UNICEF in sponsoring the children with theme "Put Children First".

The countries were called as per the continent rather than alphabetical order. For Malaysia being the former host, it's a mixed feeling for us.

When our athletes marched in, the flag was raised half to symbolize or remember the victims of MH17. Fateha Mustapha, national cyclist was the flag bearer and could see the dullness on her face to carry the flag at such situation. I'm sure she is the 1st to carry the flag at such situation.

The flag bearer was supposed to be Nicol David, but Nicol was given the honor to represent Asia to carry the Commonwealth flag alongside with Sprint queen, Shirley Ann Fraser and Swimmer, Ian Thorpe.

It was also the Malaysia spirit and flair when Tunku Imran gave speech as the Commonwealth Games Federation Chairman and received the Baton from Sir Chris Hoy.

It took a funny moment when Tunku was struggling to open the baton and Chris hoy had to assist him to open it.
I always like commonwealth games, as it's called a friendship games, though competitive but it's a place to foster relationship.

Being the 2nd largest participated games, and Malaysia and India are the only countries organised the games apart from the powerhouse, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Ministry of sports has targeted 7 medals but OCM has targeted 10. Previous achievement was 12 gold medals in Delhi and I'm expecting the athletes to match the same performance.

Regardless of political and social issues in Malaysia, I'm still proud to be supporter of Harimau Malaya.

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