Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just give up and go

When you know you are not fit or dont have the resources or time to handle the task, then why cant you just leave and stand aside.

When you try to control your subordinates or successors without letting them to grow, you are merely showing your egoism and letting the organization to screw up.

Worse thing, when you don't accept your mistake and keep defending it and blaming others for all your wrong doing. When you see yourself as failure, why still involve in the committee and stopping others from growing.

Who are you to say not to include someone in the email loop? It just shows how "cheapskate" you are. Breaking all the democracy.

I was suppose to laugh to see people like you because you all are failures in your life, but from other side, I'm also sad, that youths like you are going on wrong direction.

If you are not strong enough, just let go and run away. don't be a hindrance.

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