Thursday, July 17, 2014

CDM 25 - An unnecessary publicity

A minor accident Kuantan became a national issue. The lady with nickname of Kiki Kamarudin gave racist remark and disrespect elderly person. She demanded for RM2000 and even hit the old man's car few times with steering lock. Thereafter, she took out his car key.

Her name was tarnished in Facebook, twitter, blogs etc. Both made police report and end of the day, the old man, forgive her gracefully.

But now, Kiki's name is becoming famous by getting interviewed in and THR. I just dont understand, what's wrong with our country.

First of all, when she was hitting the car, nobody stopped her.

Then, it's proven, racism is still there as we are not called Malaysians.

Wrong person got the attention, and now looks like Kiki is the good one.

I really hope our Malaysian mentality will change.

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