Thursday, August 23, 2012

9500 Malaysian Indians are still not Malaysians

The MyDaftar programme has received 9,529 applications from the Indian community since May.

Coordinator of the Special Implementation Taskforce of the Cabinet Committee on Indian Community in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam said that of the total, 6,527 were applications involving citizenship.

The others were for birth certificates, marriage registrations and identity cards.

“Foreigners with entry permits made 3,770 applications for citizenship,” said Siva Subramaniam.

“Of the total, 2,016 have been approved by the Home Ministry. We also received 1,922 citizenship registration applications from the Indian community born in Malaysia after Independence and 1,479 were approved by the ministry,” he said at Wisma Bernama here

    My concern: What was our goverment and MIC was doing during Samy Vellu's regime and also Mahathir cum Pak Lah. Is it they are rushing for registrants so that BeeAnn can get more voters.

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