Monday, January 16, 2017

2016 Impactful Tamil movies

2016 was a year where almost all stars had their movies released, except for Ajith Kumar.
The usual top 10 were, Theri, Remo, Rajini Murugan, Kabali, 24, Kodi. All this movies were in big budget and had high collection from cinema and DVD.

For me I see movie from angel, where, there's less heroism, which relates to people's daily lifestyle and could hook someone's heart.

Here's my choice:

1. Appa
2. Oru Naal Koothu
3. Irudhi Sutru

All 3 movies had different story line. One was on fatherhood, marriage arrangements and finally crafting a sportsperson.

Apart from this, a movie which had good music album was Acham Yenbadhu Madamayada, where it had songs from melody, R&B and rap. Of course knowing ARR and GVM, definitely it's going be great outcome.

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