Friday, January 8, 2016

Thinking Thursday

Automation is a way to make things more efficient, effective and reduce waste of time especially on manpower, enable user to amend details or document down details on their own pace.

Having online system to submit and upload documents, is a way to get things stored in proper manner.

Nevertheless, what's the use of the online system, if the organisation still requires user to print the uploaded documents and forms and re-sign and submit hard-copies face to face manner.

Worse thing, you have to wait in the queue to collect your number for half hour. Then wait for another 2 and half hour for your number to be called and ended up 1 document is not uploaded, thus the whole application is rejected.

It just doesn't make sense and waste people's time waiting for more than 3 hours at the office and ended up with nothing. Imagine, if they are from outstation, and takes public transportation.

Next, you already have a checklist on your website, but at the counter you ask for additional documents. Why can't you stipulate it on your checklist itself.

Whether the service is free of charge or with payment, system and procedures has to be respected, because it resemble your organisation. 

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