Saturday, January 9, 2016

Indira Gandhi - Another Chapter for Malaysian Law

It was a pity that Indira Gandhi has lost the appeal and her children are officially muslims now. It's sad that the choldren were at their minor age during the conversion and the father converted them without even getting the consent from the mother.

As per famous politician cum lawyer, Zaid Ibrahim, the husband had the upper hand due to muslim religion. Else, people would say, Muslims has lost to hindu. But it became such a national and religious interest, that ultimate justice was killed or jeopardise. Would the appeal court or supreme court give the verdict as such if the mother was a muslim and the father was hindu.

To make things worse, MIC (i always call them indian clowns), would only want to react now and discuss the issue. What were they doing all this while?

Next Science, Technology and Innovation, Minister announced that 3 ministers has been assigned to look into implication of Indira Gandhi's case. My question is why this minister is announcing this? Next who are the 3 ministers? Finally, damage has been made, why crying over spilt milk now.

Or is this done to gain racial support?

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