Friday, August 14, 2015

Malaysia is screwing up

RM2.6 billion came to Najib's account but he said it's political donation. If political donation, why don't you put it under Barisan Nasional or UMNO.

Even national police headquarters is not safe. one of the floor caught up in fire. It happened the next day of the cabinet restructuring. The IG Police said, the burnt files where unimportant files. Even 1MDB is unimportant for Barisan Nasional but it's damn important for the public. One of the policeman said, his colleague smoke and left the cigarette butt on the file, and it got burnt. First of all, how can you smoke inside a building, unless u are at the balcony. Next, a security force team is so careless of smoking in the office. Weren't they trained to be cautious?

The AG was replaced immediately after the cabinet reshuffle. The reason was, due to his health. Damn, if health reason, he wont even be able to speak to the press. Why it has to be very next moment. Looks like, the AG doesn't want to advocate about 1MDB, thus they want someone whom can speak for government and defend 1MDB scandal.

The Public Accounts Committee is represented by both opposition and Barisan Nasional. Nur Jazlan heads the team and he is a ACCA graduate and even vie for the corporate ACCA board. Probably due to his smartness (he really is), our PM worried that he will also go against government on 1MDB. Thus they removed him and gave him bribe by giving a ministerial position. Now the PAC is headless and investigation got stopped.

MIC had 2 minister slot. Now it became 1. PM just want to show other races and parties are his slaves. Furthermore, Subramaniam, whom is also puppet of Samy Vellu would have got advise that 1 castle should only have 1 king. So it became a single person controlling the party and ministerial post.

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