Friday, August 7, 2015

EY scrap educational barrier

In a bid to boost workplace diversity, Ernst and Young (EY) will choose which applicants to interview based on their performance in online tests.

School-leavers have until now needed the equivalent of three Bs at A-level and graduate applicants a 2:1 degree.

Qualifications "will no longer act as a barrier to getting a foot in the door," said Maggie Stilwell of EY.

EY has gone one step further by removing the requirement for a minimum degree classification for graduates and hiding all details of schools and universities from the recruiters until the very end of the process so that interviews are carried out "blind".

She said academic qualifications would remain an important part of the recruitment process as a whole but the firm's own research had found "screening students based on academic performance alone was too blunt an approach to recruitment".

Ms Stilwell added: "It found no evidence to conclude that previous success in higher education correlated with future success in subsequent professional qualifications undertaken.

"Instead, the research shows that there are positive correlations between certain strengths and success in future professional qualifications.

"Transforming our recruitment policy is intended to create a more even and fair playing field for all candidates, giving every applicant the opportunity to prove their abilities."
EY's UK recruitment leader, Dan Richards, said the firm wanted "to access the widest and deepest possible talent pools.

"We want to give every candidate the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths and their potential in our selection process," he explained.

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My opinion:

With universities are mushrooming in Malaysia ans fake universities offering and selling degrees online, employers not able to gauge the quality of the student, merely based on paper qualification.

Unless, they are from ivy-league or top 40 business schools in the world, the rest still becomes aliens. Even a 3 pointer from public university could not take up the leadership and be proactive. Furthermore, they are still within their comfort zone and reluctant to put in effort to be better quality accountants.
One of my friend whom was engineer did a professional accounting qualification and now he is a senior manager in big 4 accounting firm. Sometimes, paper qualification is necessity but it's doesn't determine out destiny.

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