Monday, June 1, 2015

weak and weaker

Malaysia manage to beat minnows Timor leste by 1-0 margin only. To make it worse, our player was red carded as he was caught spitting towards Timor leste player. Though he argued, it was not to face, but the gesture was already negative. You should face down and spit not by facing towards the players.

Now he has apologized, but he may come back home early (as early as tomorrow). The management is in midst of discussing his faith. The coach,Kim swee already wanted to take disciplinary action against him.

It just shows that we cant even control our emotions. Timor leste is a baby country which is around 15 years old, yet they can put up a good show to reduce the loss to just 1 goal. The country even struggling to have a proper sports facilities.

We need to buck up against Vietnam tomorrow and Thailand 3 days later. Else, we will just go back empty handed.

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