Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MIC in deep shit

Palanivel has been declared by ROS as non-valid president.

The care-taking central working committee whom is lead by Dr.Subramaniam, sacks Palanivel as member.

Now Palanivel has no party, which also means, his position as Natural Resources minister is in limbo.

Palanivel tried to suspend all above people from the party, but it gave him a stab, when the opponent gave him a checkmate.

Being  leading party for Indians (so called), they couldn't even resolve their own internal problem. To make it worse, Samy Vellu's influence makes things worse. It's better Samy vellu becomes the MIC President again, as majority Indians here don't even bother about the party.

When the youngsters prefers multiracial parties, with fair treatment, this idiots are still racist and so much money minded. 

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