Tuesday, March 31, 2015

University Ranking

Once UM was in Top 100, Number 88 to be specific. But now, it has dropped 151. It was at 250th place few years ago, but has improved now.

Our neighboring country can do better than us by getting into top 40 in the world. In addition, only now we realise about need of research, student lecturer ratio, etc.

Private college/university like Sunway made a smart move by getting franchise and opening branch of overseas universities i.e Monash.

Now, we even have Nottingham University, Southampton university etc.

One thing I realised, these colleges in Malaysia is promoting OBU (Oxford Brookes University) for ACCA final level students.

When I look at their ranking is only 379, this means, the degree doesn't carry much value. So the students of OBU, you may want to get the degree paper, but the value is just a paper.

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