Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Area D3 contest - 21 March

It's a packed weekend for me. I had to rush to run after the contest and prepare for trip on next day.

It was the same location/room as Humaorus speech and evaluation contest. So I knew the setting of the place.

I was contestant 1 for both contest and there were 3 of us for both contest. As Area D1 started first, logically, I'm contestant number 3 as they had 2 contestants.

It was smooth start, and there were humor lines which didn't worked or I need to brush up more. Timing was my main concern, since practise time, I was doing at 7.20. Luckily, when I finished the speech, red light was not switched on.

The battle was between me, Jamila and Kris Sonsin. All of us spoke on personal story.

For table topics, the topic was about "change". It was similar to division B contest in 2007. Thus, I manage to plug in my story and finished the speech within 2 minutes. The battle was between me, Jamila and Sarimah.

As for the results, I was confident, I didn't exceed the time. And there were no time disqualification.

I was placed 2nd for Table Topics and Sarimah walked away with the title. For the speech, Kris Sonsin was placed 2nd and I was the eventual winner. It was a clean sweep by Kuantan TMC.

I have qualified for both contest at division level. Let's see what happens next.

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