Monday, February 16, 2015

Nice trap for Anwar

As planned, Anwar was sent to jail for another 5 years. The funny part is, Anwar was freed and not convicted 2 years ago. But saiful appealed and case turned towards him.

It was said that Saiful agreed to what ever Anwar requested on that incident day. If you are from a good family with maturedness and integrity, would you open your clothes and give your body to him.

For me, both should have been jailed.

But, stupid government couldn't settle other cases, but eagerly wanted to finish this case, so that it would end Anwar's political career.

If Anwar was freed, next GE would definitely go to opposition. Now, Anwar has been jailed, the focus of opposition is on getting him out. To make it worse, Tunku Aziz has passed away. With Karpal also passed away, Pakatan is minus 3 leaders.

The youngsters need to buck up and bring back the justice to the country. Nurul Nuha looks like to be the success for her dad at Permatang Pauh. 

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