Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Chennai underground metro has kickoff

A busy city like chennai really needs a good transportation system. While they already have buses, taxi, auto-trishaw and train, yet the connectivity is still an issue. Now with the metro rail which is similar to LRT/MRT in KL, has started last year and now, they also launched the underground version.

Even sweeter for tourist, the fare is just 50Rupees per day with unlimited rides. It connects right from Airport to the Chennai central station, which is good enough for a backpacker.

More info about the metro line at this link :

They do have parking spots which can cost around 85rupees per day. Reasonable rate for a corporate person, but not for lower income people.

The weekly and monthly pass is available at discounted rates between 20 to 40%. Obviously is a good move and attracts youngsters and reduces traffic. But, it's a challenge for the illiterate people for those who lives in slums to use the system, especially, when it's cashless and need to use card (similar to KL)

Obviously Japanese firm is involved in the engineering and master plan of the system.

From tourist point of view it's a good system, and i'm sure the system is to grow for better/greater chennai.

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