Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Leadership Accountability

I took this excerpt from Toastmasters International website. These tips, which are based on The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes

The 6 A’s of Leadership Accountability

The quickest path to restoring credibility and winning back others’ trust is to follow the 6 A’s of Leadership Accountability: Accept, Admit, Apologize, Act, Amend, and Attend:
#1: Accept. The most important step is to accept that you’ve made a mistake – no easy task for many leaders. Swallow hard and accept personal responsibility for your actions, says expert James Kouzes, and if it’s an organizational mistake, step up for that error as well.
#2: Admit. It’s important to make public acknowledgement of your mistake, Kouzes says, so others know you’re serious about taking ownership of your actions.
#3: Apologize. Apologizing communicates to others that you’re concerned about the effect your actions have had on them.
#4: Act. Follow an apology with rapid action to address any consequences of a mistake. A quick response lets others know you’re doing more than giving lip service to a problem.
#5: Amend. Making amends is an overlooked part of the credibility restoration process. People expect some form of reparation for a problem that’s been created.
#6: Attend. To be aware of how your actions are helping restore lost credibility, pay close attention to the reactions of your employees – or in the case of Toastmasters club leaders, the reactions of your club members.

It's sad thing, my former club excos didn't bother to follow this and they didn't move any further, and I'm moving forward...

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