Monday, May 16, 2016

Form 6

It's becoming unpopular for youngster to take up form 6. Simple reason :

1. Must wear uniform
2. Waste of 2 years
3. Study in malay

If these were students comments, I could still tolerate as they have yet to reach age of maturity, but if parent's were to give above comments, I think, they should be the 1st person to be counseled. 

You merely pays Rm100-Rm150 as school registration fees. Thereafter, you need to pay for the text books (which you pay the same or even more for foundation / a-level courses)

You are still eligible to take part in national schools meets which could bring you to ASEAN schools. Foundation course would not bring you out of the school. Of course you can participate in the inter varsity games,but it's not with school students.  

Even for SAM (South Australian Matriculation) is only recognised in certain universities. Should you study foundation course in a particular university, you are not guaranteed to be accepted in all over universities around the world.

But STPM can bring you to places.

A level takes 1 year. Foundation also takes 1 year. STPM takes 1.5 years. Only 6 months difference.

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