Monday, April 18, 2016

How Low you can go ?

With the recent release of the world ranking, our football team is ranked 174 out of 204 nations. Our best ranking was 78 during 1993.

Even countries like Guam, Maldives and war torn countries like Syria and Iraq are above Malaysia. Football is being one of the most government funded sports in the country, but the results are just not there yet. We couldn't even beat Macau and Bangladesh at home, where we draw 0-0 with them. The only win we had recently was with Timur Leste during the world cup qualifying. We have yet to taste a win thereafter.

Now, the FAM has arranged for International Friendly matches with New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji. All these 3 countries are ranked below Malaysia. Looks like Malaysia is desperate for winning streak and they are after minnows.

You can have world class coaches, facilities etc, but it drives down to the selection process, the management's mentality (till sultan family is involved, it would not improve).

We need santok singh and arumugam in the team.

We need late paul mony samuel or perter velappan in the management.

Then, we can see changes. 

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