Thursday, December 31, 2015


It's always easy to back stab anyone (cheat anyone), but it would be tough for you to revert and ask for apology nor even to face the person whom you stabbed. How could you betray the senior person whom helped you, by telling the wrong information, so that you could cover all your mistakes and wrong doings. Worse thing, you speak one point and do another.

It just shows that you have no guts or balls to face your senior. If you don't want that person to be in the team or organisation, you should go and speak to the member and not quietly remove him. Now you subordinates are creating shits because you are shitty leader.

Even 7 of you or 10 of you could not even do 1 person job in proper manner. You don't create champions. You don't create quality leaders. To make it worse you chose a mentor whom is also another betrayer whom is no longer in the organisation but made you as puppet.

Your subordinates are so egoistic that they cant even say hi or good morning. Some even argued for every points without finding solution. Having more incompetent leaders (half past 6) would make the team worse. In Malay they call it "bodoh sombong" and that's I could see in team. Rather than complaining about me and wasting your time, because I had the achievement none of you all could have achieve even in 10 years time.

Sometimes, empty vessels makes more sound. The leader said I'm interrogating him by asking so many questions, but when he asked me I had to answer without even bothering about my background, seniority and age. Such power crazy person. You brought down the organisation. Now it's even going down.

You had meeting 1 day after Thaipusam, 5 days before Deepavali but cancelled it for Chinese New year. Why are you betraying the minority. I know your firm doesn't respect the minority but we are still in Malaysia not some east Asia country.

Now I realize, none of them has experienced fatherhood or motherhood. So, it could be also a curse to them that they are still single or struggling in love life. Why having 2 tongues, you would suffer more.

You allowed people to steal things but you accused people whom informed about it. Your subordinate didn't do proper job, but you accused the person whom informed you. You kept "fly aeroplane". One day a van will run over you, then you know. You are someone without heart. I admit it.

It's useless to be an organisation, where they don't need you anymore. These people don't know the history and now they can write a new story of their own and delete and forgo all the past successors.

What goes around comes around. Just wait for your turn. You all have so much of debt created. Now it will be time to pay the interest.

It's time for em to spend quality time with beloved people. 

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