Friday, November 6, 2015

SK Devamani won

Perak Speaker SK Devamani won the number 2 seat in MIC election by beating the favorite Datuk M.Saravanan, the Deputy Sports Minister and one of the main man from Samy Vellu's camp.

While I'm happy for Devamani, the 3 newly elected vice presidents are all from Samy Vellu's camp although Jaspal is a suprise package (others are Datuk T.Mohan & Datuk SA Vigneswaran).

Wonder if this people can revive the party or push it to grave yard.

Nevertheless, I always had high regards for Devamani for few reasons. One, he was my BM teacher during my SMC days. Next, he is from my hostel (of course from UM too).

His fluency in BM just made my haw dropped. Wonder if he could capture number 1 post during the next round.

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