Tuesday, September 22, 2015


It's very stupid when you can't even respect your predecessor or someone whom was crucial to your organisations development. Of course sometimes their education or place their are working makes them egoistic and arrogant. It's not your position makes you to be leader. It's your work and humility which makes you someone.

If you are already in 30s and not married and still hanging with other unmarried girls. You all are the issue and you all are the fundamental for the organisations failure. If you are taking care of animals, just look after them lah..why disturb other organisations.

You can cover all your bad doings, but you can't escape from it, because 1 days it will become big and makes the organisation more shitty.

Don't you feel shame swindling money. Stupid...your mother didn't teach you is it. No wonder you keep changing your girlfriends it's still unstable.

Even yogurt will become smelly when it's kept for long time. Body could be big, but mind is small or don't have at all.

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