Monday, April 13, 2015

mangkuk leader

As leader, you need to be accountable for what you have said and done. Any statistics shown should be properly supported with facts or state if it's opinion.

When you have lack of knowledge and experience, and you merely interested in power and position, it will just make you as fool. You can't even get our maths right, but you want to go for higher post. you are just making yourself as fool.

Worse thong, when the person is not even settled down in life, no proper job, but still sit on the position, and wants to control others, although you have left your position so long ago.

Furthermore, ask yourself, the money that a company pays for you when you are no longer working there. Don't you feel shame about receiving that perk when you are not doing anything for the organisation.

If you are really good leader, thing would have got better. But under you leadership, things only got worse. When you appoint crap leaders or mangkuk leaders, you would get shitty things.

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