Sunday, February 16, 2014

NM Galaxy Run - 16 Feb'14

It's my 1st race for the year. The route is also new and of course, near to my house. So I chose this tournament.

The race started 10 minutes late. The good thing was, 1st 2km was within the lake, thus the front crown managed to break from the slow runners. I manage to get into 3rd row. Thus, it was easy for me to give a good start.

I went on fast pace to get a decent placing at the beginning. Soon as I get out to Jalan Tun Razak, I slowed but maintain decent distance with person in front of me. There were one or two overtakes, where we took turn t challenge each other. There were distance markers for every kilometer and 3 water stations which was adequate for 12km race.

I normally don't like races with so many U Turn, and this race just had two major U turn. The route was rather straight forward and there were 3 overhead bridge to make it tougher.

After the 1st U-Turn, I realise i was in the top 35 as I manage to do some rough counting. luckily I didn't start slow as I saw a large crowd was behind me in a large pack.

The challenge was the smoke and humidity which made me to dry my throat towards Jalan ipoh. After the 3rd water station, manage to get new boost and also manage to overtake a runner. After completing 3rd flyover, I overtook another runner and never allowed anyone to overtake me after that.

As I reached the entrance of Titiwangsa, I underestimated the distance and peak at the start by overtaking a runner. But later realise, I have 400M to go. Luckily the guy behind didn't re-overtake me. However, the runner in front of me manage to get away from me. I pushed myself towards the end, but couldn't overtake him. Nevertheless, I'm happy with my performance with timing 57.25. Great start for the year.

Next race is MATIC race next week.   

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