Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Air Spitter

Dog only barks at unknown people. By trying to defend a invaluable fact, the person was just reducing his/her face value by not showing her humbleness. It's like facing up and spitting towards the air without realising that it will hit you back.

In malay, they call "Bodoh Sombong". You are already stupid, but your still proud of yourself. If its a platform to enhance your soft skills, don't go and debate.
There could be people making mistakes, just forgive and show a bit of humility by saying the original version on kind manner.

Even to give name of a university officer taking 6 months, damn, i just wonder if this people studied in the university.

Pressure could be rephrased as positive push to move forward. If you can do it, just move out and let the rest to do it, rather than talking crap. Working hard could have shown something reap, but just talking without action only proves the person as incapable leader.

I could have shot her back, but I wanted to proove that I'm a human being and only another dog will bark at a dog.

Certain people just funked or just fooling.

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