Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bring back the Gold for Malaysia

30 athletes from 9 different sports will be eyeing for the elusive gold medal which Malaysia has been eyeing for the past 18 editions.

Sports that will be taken part by Malaysia will be:
1. Archery
2. Swimming
3. Diving
4. Badminton
5. Sailing
6. Fencing
7. Cycling
8. Shooting
9. Athletics

The malaysian athletes names can be seen here at this link:

So far we have only collected 2 silver and 2 bronze in total and all of them are from badminton.

Atleast this time we have more sports to rely on which is cycling, diving, archery, and badminton. Let's see if we can break the duck by getting the 1st gold medal or obtaining more than 2 medals at this games.

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