Saturday, January 20, 2024

Agents as Dominants


While volunteerism should be strongly encouraged among Nagarathars, especially in serving temple needs. Nevertheless, in some temples in Malaysia, the agent of Kariyakarar became the barrier to discourage and disallow Nagarathars (pulli) to recite katthiyam. Being a senior citizen of age, rather than encouraging the youngsters, it turned up being more of discrimination, where favoring the other kittangi agents and their best friends whom is deemed as involved in “Samy alangraram”(including non-pulli). When questioned, he stated, it has been written on a list (sitthai).

My question is “sitthai” is not carved on a stone and why wasn’t is announced publicly for volunteerism. In addition, how could they classify on people who are involved in “Samy alangraram” are volunteers. How about nagarathars who volunteer for Chariot cleaning, temple cleaning, carriying Samy, serving food during temple events etc.

In a year, there are atleast 12 occasions to recite katthiyam, they can offer the opportunity to 12 different Nagarathars, rather than having 3-4 Nagarathars to dominate throughout the year. To make it worse, some kittangi agents even recites it atleast 4 times a year (by wearing long pants) and another kittangi agent came through back door to recite for the 1st time last year (where he struggled too). While Senior Nagarathars should be leading examples, but they are the ones whom are wearing modern costumes, yet still struggles to recite katthiyam, although they have been reciting for more than a decade.

Temple management should be more of servant leaders with humbleness, humility, and modesty.   But over here, even to recite katthiyam, there’s so much of politics.

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